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I’m a man. I’m not about to tell you that I know what it means to be a woman. But I’ll tell you what I observe.

That we live in a society where inequality between the sexes continues to be abundantly evident. That women with male partners may be able to go out to work full time – but they frequently carry most of the responsibility for running the home. That women typically do most of the caring – for children or elderly parents – and that the significant emotional and psychological cost of doing so can go unrecognised. That women don’t enjoy the same freedoms as men to go where they want, wear what they want or do what they want without facing criticism – or much worse. 

That’s not all. I also notice that women can be funny, intelligent, capable and strong. Great bakers and great footballers. Nurses and mechanics.  Ballerinas and boxers.

If you are a woman seeking a counsellor who is willing and able to listen with care and empathy I’d be pleased to work with you.