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Where I work


In Exeter I work at Studio One, a centre for well-being therapies which I manage in partnership with Tina Hill-Art of Living and Life Counselling.  You will find directions to Studio One here.


Although primarily the base for our own counselling, supervision and training work we also rent space at Studio One to other therapists.  To find out more please visit the Studio One website.   

In Totnes I work in my own room at Little Priory Offices, just off Fore Street.  I also rent this room to other therapists on an hourly or sessional basis.  To find out more please contact me.


Directions to Little Priory:
From Fore Street, turn down the unnamed lane that runs beside Totnes Photographic.  Standing with your back to the barber shop you will see a gateway to the right of the RSPCA shop (indicated by the red arrow in the picture).  Walk through this gateway and then through the gateway on the immediate right.  Walk up the external staircase, which will lead you to the entrance door.

A note on accessibility:  Neither of the venues I work from offer level access.  If you would like to work with me but would need to meet in a more accessible place please let me know about your access needs and I will arrange a suitable venue.



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